Pan Motor was founded by a young engineer in 2019

At the time, he was dissatisfied with the current state of motor technology in robots - there were no motors that could provide high enough torque with lower weight or lower losses to limit the performance of robotic systems. After three years of hard work by the team, Pan Motor has finally released the F-Series with state-of-the-art torque density. F-series motors have the highest torque density for their size or weight, producing 8Nm of peak torque at 200g. There are many more exciting products in the pipeline!

Pan Motor's research and development center and factory are located in Shanghai. Our goal is to provide products with optimal performance and the rigorous quality standards.
This is just the beginning. We firmly believe that despite being an industry that is close to two centuries old, there is still much untapped potential in motors. We will continue to move forward, push boundaries, and turn this potential into reality.